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Tuesday 6 September 2011

News: Fotosketcher 2.20

The new FotoSketcher 2.20 is out. Original Post

Donwload the new version HERE
Follow their blog and be sure to hit their cookies HERE

What's new in 2.20:
  • Pen & Ink 2 effect
  • Manual brush to apply any effect to selected parts of the image
  • Drag & drop (of image files) to the batch mode window
  • 2 new languages (Greek and Latvian) - thanks Aris and Raufs!
  • various bugfixes
The new Pen & Ink 2 effect uses an algorithm which mixes edge detection, global and local contrast balancing and despeckle.

Here is an example (original photo credit Martin Schoeller):

This is free to download but you can help the developer as a sign of gesture by noticing their ads.

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