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Welcome to SketchUp, Vray and other Resources

Everyone is capable of learning. Learning is part of life. It is a social process of living and bringing everyone to share their inherited resources and discoveries. All of us can influence the life of others through sharing and caring. It is our belief that everyone should be a lifelong learner.

I am putting very important visualization resources and series: tutorials, tips, tricks, VRAY materials and settings, and mini-the-making (MTM) processes.



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Vray Sketchup

Light Up


Dirt Tutorial 1
Dirt Tutorial 2
Ambient Occlusion Exterior
HDRI and Sun Setting
Vray Caustics
Vray Materials
Reflection Layer1
Reflection Layer 2
Refraction Layer
Vermont Verde
Water Level in Displacement
ZDepth Channel
Omni Lights
How to reduce the bluish color of the sun


Key Concepts
Introduction (03:14) T
Welcome to SketchUp (05:31) T
UI Concepts (02:55) T
Low Poly/2D Face-Me Concepts (04:16) T
Status Bar & Keyboard Modifiers (04:19) T
Measurements Toolbar (04:19) T
Context Click (03:20) T

3D Navigation Tools
Individual Tools (04:26) T
Scroll Wheel Mouse (03:13) T
Third-Party Tools (05:48) T
Position Camera/Walk/Look Around (07:48) T

Inferencing Engine
Axes (07:58) T
Snap/Constrain (04:26) T
Between Objects (03:49) T
Guides (05:46) T
Flip Along (03:25) T

Geometry Creation Tools
Edges & Faces (08:30) T
Cut/Heal (03:50) T
Line Tool (03:14) T
Arc Tool (04:46) T
Freehand Tool (05:16) T
Rectangle Tool (04:40) T
Circle & Polygon Tools (04:53) T
3D Text (06:09) T

Geometry Modification Tools
Move Tool (07:07) T
Push/Pull Tool (03:33) T
Rotate Tool (06:33) T
Follow Me Tool (04:38) T
Scale Tool (03:33) T
Offset Tool (03:09) T
Bevel Techniques (05:14) T
Intersect (04:01) T

Organizational Strategies
Group (06:35) T
Components pt. 1 (07:05) T
Components pt. 2 (06:21) T
Components pt. 3 (05:38) T
Outliner (07:37) T
Layers (07:58) T

Modeling Examples
Pavilion 1 pt. 1 (07:31) T
Pavilion 1 pt. 2 (06:39) T
High Poly Column (07:21) T
Wine Glass pt. 1 (06:51) T
Wine Glass pt. 2 (06:48) T
Sword Blade pt. 1 (06:04) T
Sword Blade pt. 2 (03:20) T

Render Engine
Soften/Crease Edges (06:45) T
Introducing Materials (06:31) T
Materials Palette (07:31) T
New Materials (04:31) T
Texture Position (06:28) T
Wrapping Textures (07:11) T
Fog & Shadows (04:14) T
Styles pt. 1 (08:03) T
Styles pt. 2 (07:33) T
Dimension & Text (07:12) T

Perspective (06:22) T
Field Of View (06:24) T
Parallel Projection (03:02) T
Scenes (05:41) T
Section Planes & Cuts (05:13) T
Using Section Cuts to Divide (04:27) T

Entity/Model Info (06:16) T
Custom Setups (06:09) T
Preferences (05:55) T
Hardware pt. 1 (06:55) T
Hardware pt. 2 (05:57) T
OpenGL Preferences (04:49) T
Ruby Plugin Basics (06:40) T
Ruby on the Web (06:57) T
Using Ruby Plugins pt. 1 (07:47) T
Using Ruby Plugins pt. 2 (06:24) T

Terrain Modeling
From Contours (05:41) T
From Scratch (06:32) T
Stamp and Drape (04:12) T
Other Uses (04:03) T

On the Web
SketchUp on the Web (04:08) T
3D Warehouse on the Web (04:50) T
3D Warehouse in SketchUp (05:04) T

Input and Output
2D Stills (06:52) T
3D Models and Animation (05:01) T
Import 2D for textures (03:07) T
Third-Party Rendering Engines (03:08) T

Pro Version Features
SketchUp Pro Overview (04:22) T
Layout Overview (08:04) T
Style Builder Overview (05:54) T
Developing Dynamic Components Overview (07:14) T

Potential Problems
Low Poly to High Poly Issues (04:59) T
Backup Files and Bug Splats (04:55) T
Extensions and Plugin Conflicts (04:10) T
Bloated Files (04:55) T

Wrap Up (04:07) T
About the Author (03:03) T