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Monday, 12 September 2011

Download: Rich Dirt

Download Rich DIrt for Free. HERE.

Do you have problems right now to weather a whole street block ?

Do you use low quality textures on buildings because you lack time to do better ?
Do you miss valid contact shadows around windows, benches ?
Do you need too much time to get a really good image ?

There is an easy solution !
With RichDirt you add weathering in as fast as 17 minutes for 7 buildings, including different splashes and streaks for every building. For ´rough´ weathering you are even faster, 8 minutes for the street block 

Why is this so much faster ?

1. With RichDirt PRESETS you add each effect in a single click.
2. Presets deliver out-of-the-box effects.
3. RichDirt doesn´t require uvs, so you save the time to tune uvs around windows, doors and benches.
4. You save time for texture painting as well - as the effects are added automatically.

See the Fast Weathering video tutorial for an example how fast you can handle a full building.

Did you ever create a Logo and then didn´t add splashes (and streaks) around it?

RichDirt Stucco RichDirt Splashes on stucco wall RichDirt Splashes with Logo RichDirt Splashes soft RichDirt Splashes with variations RichDirt Splashes with more variations RichDirt Splashes closeup RichDirt Splashes closeup

With RichDirt you easily add splashes that look natural.
You select the splashes Preset and you're done!
Even when you change image resolution (or make the Logo larger) everything -fits-.

What do you do -today- when texturing non-rectangular objects?

How do you match the corner points ?
Stretching at the price of ugly distortions ?
What do you do when the texture has an orientation (like streaks)? - cut the streaks in Photoshop®, turn them manually, and re-add them - to match the edge?
Or is this too much work - so you don´t use a good texture?
How do you get the correct orientation on surfaces with an up slope?

With RichDirt you get streaks at the edge, even when objects have a different shape.
The orientation is correct - automatically.

How you gain - with an Optimal User Interface

RichDirt doesn´t only provide Presets so that you get a whole effect with a single click. It also supports Tooltips for every parameter. You will find many shaders and plugins in 3ds Max that have -0- tooltips, or just for a few parameters. The benefit of tooltips is that you can focus on your work, without jumping to the documentation. This is both more efficient -and- more convenient.

Do you have problems to get realistic tiles ?

Do your tiles look monotonous ?
Would you sometimes like to have several textures (1 for each tile), but then you use a single texture that looks the same everywhere ?
Wouldn´t it be great to get variations in tiles ?
marble tiles weathered, including streaks on white wall and street marble tiles weathered, including streaks on white wall and street marble tiles, unweathered tiles with edge, false color image

With RichDirt it is easy for you to get
1. A plausible edge for each tile.
2. A variable thickness of edges.
3. Seperate tinting for upper and lower edge of tiles.
Furthermore RichDirt has a unique technique called ´optimize thin´ that works even with very thin tiles - no other solution will do this for you.


  1. sir nomer, proxy nalang ang kulang matatapatan na ang max. TFS sir..GODSPEED..

    1. Nomeradona Sketchup Vr: : Rich Dirt >>>>> Download Now

      >>>>> Download Full

      Nomeradona Sketchup Vr: : Rich Dirt >>>>> Download LINK

      >>>>> Download Now

      Nomeradona Sketchup Vr: : Rich Dirt >>>>> Download Full

      >>>>> Download LINK fD

  2. damn i was hoping this is for many excellent plugins for few for sketchup :'(

  3. The V-Ray version for 3ds Max will be available mid october. A version for V-Ray with Sketchup is -possible- if there are enough guys interested.
    Simply go to the survey page and select Sketchup for V-Ray as your preference. The survey is free and 100% anonymous.

    Best Regards

    Matthias Senz
    enRich Pro UG