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Thursday 22 September 2011

Featured Artists: Do Phu Hoang Nguyen

We would like to Feature Do Phu Hoang Nguyen aka. "phunguyenvfs". Phu Nguyen is one of the Vietnamese guys whom we knew for a long time. We followed his blog, his work and how he created beautiful tutorials and rendering. In order to know more about Phu Nguyen, here is a small interview.

SVR: Please tell us more about yourself.

DPHN: My name Do Phu Hoang Nguyen my online nickname is "phunguyenvfs". I am originally from Dalat, and now living and working in Binh Duong City, Vietnam. My current job is architectural designer/visulaizer/contributor with an architectural design company here in Binh Duong City. I spend with computers more then I spend time with my wife and son. But good enough, I am fortunate to support my little family. I always think knowledge is infinite. I always wanted to learn and improve my knowledge.

SVR: Can you please tell us about your workflow or pipeline?

As for my workflow. I set everything as possible with Google Sketchup including my camera view set-up. In Vray SketchUp, I normally start with lighting by setting the parameters which affects  the global illumination; light intensities and sky lights. In interior scene, I normally start with my point lights. Once satisfied with my lighting, I proceed with materials and texturing. I always do my rendering in Vray SketchUp. I also use the frame buffer to correct the exposure before saving my final image. If there is final compositional presentation, I use Photoshop.

SVR: How did you start with SketchUp?

DPHN: I started to worked with 3D using Autocad in 2008. One day, I saw a friend using SketchUp5. I was impressed with the software at first glance. I became interested with this software  and started exploring it. I was led also to an online forum site . I joined this forum site where I learned a lot, particularly with SketchUp and Vray Sketchup.

SVR: Do you have any idols or inspiration in Visualization? who are they?

DPHN: My idols were Alex Roman, Simonhc, Nomeradona, and many others. I am inspired by their  work. I am also inspired by many excellent designs that can be found in ArchDaily site.

SVR: How is SKetchUp in Binh Duong City? Is it popular?

DPHN: SketchUp is very popular in the City of Binh Duong. Most of the architectural design firms, communities, and students use it.

SVR: Given a chance, what is your request or wish with Google in their future development of SketchUp?

DPHN: Currently, I use Sketchup 8. It's suits me! If Google SketchUp will develop further this software, convenience and support with high poly models would be nice.

SVR: Given a chance, what is your wish to ChaosGroup in their future development for Vray?

DPHN: I wish ChaosGroup will focus with Vray Proxy for their future development of Vray SketchUp. Vray Proxy will benefit me and others especially with master plan projects that requires lots of trees and greenery.

SVR: Do you have any advise to the new guys in visualization field?

DPHN: The new guys in the field of visualization. They need to take care with modeling. They need to respect the physical properties of materials and lighting in their scenes. Do not be discouraged and give up easily.

SVR: Thank You Phu Nguyen! 

Below are some render images of Phu Nguyen. You can also access his The Mkaing of Beauty Salon at HERE 

For more of Phu Nguyen's work, follow and visit his Blogsite HERE.