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Everyone is capable of learning. Learning is part of life. It is a social process of living and bringing everyone to share their inherited resources and discoveries. All of us can influence the life of others through sharing and caring. It is our belief that everyone should be a lifelong learner.

I am putting very important visualization resources and series: tutorials, tips, tricks, VRAY materials and settings, and mini-the-making (MTM) processes.



Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Catchup3 June edition is out!

The Bi-monthly CatchUp on line magazine is a very informative magazine developed by Sketchucation. You can now download their Edition 3 by clicking Here .

You can also download the April Edition 2 HERE.

Download their February Edition 1 HERE.

Be sure to register and visit It is the number 1 place where you can find support for Google SketchUp. Be sure to join also their forum.


Monday, 27 June 2011

Post Processing Trick: IES LIght in Photoshop

Raffy Benito Paet shared this quick trick to create quick IES effect using Photoshop.

Tutorial: Soft Colored Pencil has released a new tutorial from Jason Christiansen. Read it more by clicking HERE.

Friday, 24 June 2011

50 Latest Released Rubies at sketchucation as of June 2011

Be sure you only download what you think useful. There is a tendency to fall prey with having lots of rubies and only using 5% of them.  We become ruby collectors. Well nothing wrong with that either right? is really great in organizing them. Here is their latest list as of June 2011.
You need to register to this site if you want to download them.

50 Most Recently Released:

Post Processing Trick: Adding Smoke in Photoshop

Chenlee Menes shared this simple, but equally important, post processing trick on how to add smoke to the finished render image.Click the image for a bigger view.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Tutorial: How to make roof using Batzal roof plugin then importing to SketchUp

Arch. Archie Roscom allowed us to share this tutorial to this community. This is an excellent workflow how to creates a eoof using Batzal plugin in 3dmax and then reimporting to SketchUp.

Softwares: Google SketchUp 8 Free, Vray 1.49.01, 3DMax2011 64-bit and FBX

Introduction: This is the most reliable setting for me: I used ring for mesh cover and shingle shin 1 with the height og .004m, as much as possible, don't increase the number of segment. I encountered am error when I increased it and used the other type of shingles. Once the imported .3ds file is in SketchUp, make sure to replace its default material which is material_1 or else it wont render because VraySU will not manage to relink it.

This is the sample report of error: Vfs_Stderr notepad -->
Exception: In __handleReferencedPlugin could not find /material_1

error log is located in these directories:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ASGVIS\VfS\vfs_stderr.txt
Vista and Win7:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Step 10


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Tutorial: SketchUp to Blender by Michaliszissiou

Michalis gracefully allowed me to repost this excellent tutorial from SketchUp to Blender. I love this man exploration using different software like Blender, Zbrush and 3DCoat. Anyway here is his nifty tutorial showing his workflow from SketchUp to Blender.

1. Here's an old SU model:

2. As you may noticed I'm checking faces so to look outside, that's really important. No blue faces, ok.

3. In SUpro, export .obj like this:

4. Importing .obj in blender 2.49b like this.

5. Here's the model in blender. You can see on the right, all textures UVs etc have imported beautifully.I deleted cactus and added some blender trees BTW. Everything works like charm.

6. A quick render in blender ~2 min

Saturday, 18 June 2011

How To Make A Seamless Concrete Texture

David Hier aka "hieru" has shared an excellent tutorial on how to make a seamless concrete texture.

The following tutorial details the methods used to create a concrete material similar to the one used in this  entry for the 2011 Evermotion architectural visualisation rendering competition.
Evermotion 2011 Competition Render

More of this article HERE.

This is the model where he used the concrete texture rendered in Thea, which you can actually download in the 3dwarehouse. Again thanks to David for his generosity.

GeoSketch Parametric Rooftop Tools for sketchup

GeoSketch Parametric Rooftop Tools for sketchup

Cogent3D, Inc recently announced the availability of two unique products for Google SketchUp which include a FREE parametric generation Rooftop plug-in with plane cut tool and a 3D photo modeler TacForge™ GeoSketch™ Version 2.2.

GeoSketch Version 2.2 would bring some exclusive advantages for sketchup users :-

Now sketchup users can create 3D models with Video/Oblique imagery/Handheld and Cell Phone Imagery/Satellite Imagery/Imagery with and without camera models.

Ability to create hip, pitched, and other roof types with overhangs and the base building structure.

More details for this topic, including download links visit the blogsite HERE.

Google Sketchup Update

Another excellent blog focusing on Google Sketchup updates and news.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Post Processing Tutorial: Water droplet using Photoshop and Redfield pluggin

This is another post processing tutorial done by Razid Viñas Maminggen. It is a post processing tutorial using Adobe Photoshop and a plugin called Redfield.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Visualizer on the SPot: Thapat

There are so many pool of talents out there. The community of SketchUp users does not really know lots of them. One of the main problem really is language problem. I love going to different forums to find other people work and style using Sketchup. I came across the work of a Thai national by the name of "Thapat". Honestly I love his work.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Post Processing Trick: Baking Interior scenes to Window glazing.

Sketchup and Vray Resources proudly presents another tutorial from Razid Vinas Maminggen. Razid shows on how to use simple tricks using Photoshop on how to quickly baked an interior scene unto the window glazing to give an impression of an interior space.

Once again special thanks to Razid.