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Welcome to SketchUp, Vray and other Resources

Everyone is capable of learning. Learning is part of life. It is a social process of living and bringing everyone to share their inherited resources and discoveries. All of us can influence the life of others through sharing and caring. It is our belief that everyone should be a lifelong learner.

I am putting very important visualization resources and series: tutorials, tips, tricks, VRAY materials and settings, and mini-the-making (MTM) processes.



Saturday 29 October 2011

Tutorial: Wall Textures

This is an excellent tutorial by Trox Hazel Pagunsan. This is a simple scene, yet he shared here an excellent approach how to create believable wall texture.






You can also download the material that Trox used in this tutorials. Thanks Trox for your generosity.

Diffuse map

Bump map1

Bump Map 2

Tutorial: Leaf Transparency

This is another tutorial from Eugenio Sorokovoy aka 40th. How to create the translucency of the leaves.

Here is another Tutorial of him which he originally shared at SKetchup Vray Artists Facebook Group 

When I found this 'effect' and tried it for myself, I thought why not share it? We all know that leafs aren't opaque.

Real leaf example

Real Leaf

Open Material Editor and Create Double sided material
That's it! now render and see the difference.

Examples below.

Tutorial: Rug by Teofas

This tutorial was done by Teofas with the old Vray, but the concept is all the same an applicable with the new one.

Friday 28 October 2011

Tutorial: Another Chair Tutorial

Here is another Alvis masterpiece with step by step tutorial. For me ALvis is the best so far when it comes to modeling chairs in SketchUp.

Thanks Alvis for sharing with us your expertise.

Wednesday 26 October 2011

Tutorial: Modeling Bed using SketchUp

Here is a tutorial how to model a bed by Adam Hails

Tuesday 25 October 2011

Featured SU Modeler: Elisei

One of my favorite modeler at Sketchucation is Elisei. I would like to blog this his series of video tutorial in YOutube here.

MOdeling a Car Fender

Sunday 23 October 2011

Motiva Colimo

MOtivo Colimo, the ultimate post processing software in real time. Now supports Modo, Thea and 3Dmax. More HERE.

Friday 21 October 2011

SSMDS 3: Yamaha Motorbike

SSMDS stands for Sketchup Scenes and Models Download Series.. Download HERE or click Image

Thursday 20 October 2011

Tutorial: Nomeradona Definitve Vray Lighting 3

Here is another tutorial from Nomeradona: Studio Lighting Part 1

Dealing with PNG file shadow

Here is a quick tip from Gensan about png shadows in Vray SketchUp


Special thanks to sir nomer adona..

Wednesday 19 October 2011

The Making of Barcelona Pavilion by Zernan Suarez

We call him Z in our Sketchup Vray Community. Zernan shared this "The Making" in his site. For me it is a must see workflow. For more of Zernan Suares tutorials visit his site HERE.

You might want to read also the Q and A with Zernan Suarez HERE.

Here is Zernan Suarez' '"The Making of Barcelona Pavilion"

Nomeradona conduct a September Challenge for sketchup-vray artists
Download Model : Mies Van De Rohe's Barcelon Pavilion - HERE

Goals: Camaraderie, celebration, learning from each other, sharing and encouraging excellence through discovery and experimentation.

First of all I want to show the shadow in the entire scene and follow the steps...

Here's the scene with shadow setting...

Render Option

Clay Render setting

Sun setting

Clay Render with sun setting

Raw Image Render

After Post process

Raw Image Render

After Post process

Raw Image Render

After Post process

HDRI setting | Just load the HDRI image under bitmap "M"

Clay Render with HDRI setting

Raw Image Render

After Post process

Download HDRI and background Images :