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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Vray Sketchup Glass Material

Thanks to Jonathan Ignas for sharing this beautiful glass material. Check this out.

 Here are the sample render using this material.


  1. Hey, thanks for the tutorial! I have an issue tho, when I change the Fog color of my refraction layer, it goes black.. Any ideas?

    1. Any value below 254 (on the val. box) will show black on the previz marble. I guess it has something to do with the marble's size (as if it were infinitely big) but the actual render will show glass fine.

      I know it's been 3 1/2 years since this question, but I hope it can help others...

    2. Congrats on your great tutorials Nomer!

  2. im not sure on this breeze. what is the color of your transparency? also try to see this water tutorial i have done about transparency.

    1. hello,

      how can i download the new version of free vray 1.49.1 for sketchup? i have downloaded it and my previous vray was uninstalled then its not working anymore.

      please help

    2. hahaha same problem...but i have no choice...i format my pc...i;m tired find what the problem..

  3. Finish product is excellent. The glass wall is over the top!
    auto glass guru

  4. If your glass went black... reduce your fog multiplier to .02

  5. Soi where can i download this material?

  6. pardon master . . . why i got default material at otherside when we look at glass material??

  7. @dewit suhali
    cheers, that fixed it for me

  8. Hello!
    How can I turn the reflection down?
    In order to avoid having a whitish color because of the reflection of the sky

  9. hello. i followed this tutorial and it doesn't work on me. I am using vray 2.0 by the way. does it affect?

  10. Don't work, it become a black mirror instead of transparent glass. I know this have been so long since the article published, but I'd be glad if someone help me.

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  12. Good tutorial of Vray Sketchup Glass Material but I hope you update the tutorial to v3.4 or 3.6

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