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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Q and A : Rugchaipat Aphichortikhul

SVR Featured Artist: 
Rugchaipat Aphichortikhul

Welcome 2012: Our first Featured artists comes from Thailand. He is Rugchaipat Aphichortikhul known as "tue" or "tues" in different international forums. We have known Rugchaipat for many years already and we have seen how this man has not given up. He is very inspirational and he has shown how age is not an obstacles when it comes to learning and visualization. This man from Thailand produced some of the beautiful renders done with Vray SketchUp. His "never give up attitude", attention to details, hardworking attitude and pursuit to excellence are we think the most important characters we could learn from Rugchaipat. We would like to thank him, for allowing SVR to interview him on this Q and A session.

Thank you very much!

SVR: Please tell us more about "Tue"

RA: My name is Rugchaipat Aphichortikhul. I am from Thailand. I graduated in 1997 from the King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang in Industrial Education Program in Interior Architecture.Currently, I am an interior designer and enjoy creating realistic interior visualisation.

SVR:  How did you start with SketchUp and Vray SketchUp

RA: In the past, I drew my  perspectives by hand and was afraid that I am too old to learn SketchUp. One of my friends told me that Sketchup 5 is an excellence and easy-to-use program for designing. I tried this software and immediately I fell in love with it. I found Vray SketchUp plugin thereafter which improve the realism of my rednering and helped me in presenting my designs with my clients.

SVR:  Can you please tell us how is Sketchup in Thailand?

RA: There are many people using Sketchup in Thailand. Some of them have not studied design in the school, but they can use the program well and it is so easy to produce 3D perspectives. I even knew one client who created  by himself his draft designs for his home and came to discuss with his detail requirements and initial needs using his sketchup output.

SVR:  Are there many SketchUp groups in Thailand? Please tell us about them.

RA: There are 3 popular groups in Thailand. They are as followed:,, and

The community here help each other when someone post questions about how to use the program or plugin. The atmosphere in these forums is warm and friendly.

SVR:  Do you have workflow in visualisation?

RA: My workflow in visualisation is as follows:

1. Concept Design
2. Planning , Circulation
3. Modeling
4. Lighting Arrangement
5. Camera Views Set Up
6. Rough Test Render
7. Color  Texture  Atmosphere
8. Accessories Props
9. Final Render

SVR: Any inspiration in your visualization?

RA: Evermotion site, different visualizers like BTH (Bui Tuan Hung), Nomeradona and Starsheep (Apiwat Hngimhyun)
SVR: Do you have memorable moment in visuaization? Please tell us the story behind.

RA: I love when the rendered output is realistic and when the outcome of the project is close to the design as much as possible.

SVR: Do you have any advise to our readers especially to the newbies.

RA: Good passion and great practice can lead to success. Learn from the expert by joining forums is another key. I love this sentence from one Thai famous golfer (Thongchai Jaidee). "Aim to the moon, even miss, you are still surrounded by stars"

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