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Monday, 29 August 2011

Tutorial: Depth of Field (DOF) in Vray SketchUp8

Apiwat Hngimhyun  made this as part of his "The Making of Contemporary Kitchen" which we posted last week .  On the other hand, there is a must see tutorial here that we  want to highlight. Because of this, we  are writing this post to point out its importance.  It is about Depth of Field or DOF! If you are a Vray SketchUp user, you know how difficult to achieve this effect. I myself has tried in the past and I failed because of lacking knowledge on how Vray SketchUp works.

What is Depth of Field (DOF)?
Depth of field is the amount of distance between the nearest and farthest objects that appear in acceptably sharp focus in a a rendered image. In the image to the left. We can see the sharpest  area (without blurring) is the water drop and faucet. While as you go farther to this point, blurring occurs. Vray Sketchup could mimic the Gaussian effect of the camera lens with its Vray Physical camera, but certain tricks and knowledge must be applied in order to be successful. In this particular tutorial, Apiwat shows how we can achieved the same effect like the image on the left.

In order to do this, we need to use the Vray Physical Camera and Tick the Camera DOF "On" (see last image). The success of DOF lies on the lower F stop value and ability to measure correctly the distance between the camera and and the focal point. To find the focus point,  you need to download the Plugin script Advanced Camera Tools HERE. This is a new camera which is only available for SketchUp 8. Once you installed the Advance camera tool, we will use it to measure the distance between the camera and the focal point.

1. Go to Advanced Camera Tool (see image below)
2. Create Camera
3. Name the camera and click ok
4. Lock the camera

Now you will have the camera icon in SketchUP (see the image below). Measure the distance from the focus point to the lens of the camera icon using the "measurement tool". Here, the measurement is 12 inches. THIS IS THE NUMBER that you will enter in the "Override Focal Distance".

Note: Vray units in DOF is measured in inches. If you are using meters, be sure to convert this in inches.

I used V-RAY Physical Camera. Shutter speed@ 200, F-stop is 1.4 and ISO at 100.


  1. Excelente tutorial Nomeradona, yo no tenia ni idea como hacer un DOF, pero con este tuto voy a empezar a practicar...
    Muchas gracias...
    Esta genial tu web site.

  2. my cpu canot proces it couse my SU not responding

  3. I didn't get good results, just a white render

  4. white render? check your exposure first before doing the DOF.

  5. Hello , thanks a lot for DOF Tutorial!
    A question, how did you do the water and splash? I dont believe that you made in sketchup.

  6. hi, nomeradona, thanks for your contributions..
    what version dou you have of vray??,
    because in 1.49.02 the dof doesnt work like you presents.
    (in 1.49.02 you have to check too the "override focal lenght" and you have a lot of problems with the qualiyty of dof, the subdivds and the aperture doesnt works)

  7. why do you want to override focal length? you dont have to,

  8. Really helpful tutorial!:) thank you so much!i enjoyed reading your tutorials and they were very useful.

  9. hey.. its a great tutorial. but i have faced a problem.
    my object gets blurred not the background.
    i tried many things but not helpful.. can u please guide me over it?

  10. sorry sir , may I Request a 3d model ? hehe

  11. Good tutorial, but icant used this tutorial for vray 2.00 or more, and this diferent with this tutorial
    I hope you can help me..please...